Wine has a part of art and design, is not only fermented grape juice in a fancy bottle. Wine express the terroir, and its winemaker willing. The label is chosen in consideration of the winemaker personality. In my opinion a good wine has to have a part of art, other wise what’s the point: Just alcohol? So, today I was at the Summer Design Fair in London to listen at Matteo Bianchi an interior designer based in Est London “Matteo Studio”. The “unexpected elegance” was the headline of his presentation. He first explained how he came to design. Matteo as far as he can remember has always been drawing and sketching every single things around him when he was a child in Venice. Around his 30’s he took the decision to give a turn to his successful career and to start a design course. At this time he didn’t know anything about interior design and it was less than 5 years ago.

Matteo arrived in London with 3 things in his suitcase:
1. A pressure cooker: essential tool when you come from Italy.
2. A coffee machine: older than him as his mother say.
3. A computer: essential tool when you arrive in London.

He compares the pressure cooker to ourself in our society regularly forced to keep our feelings inside, but what can we find inside the pressure cooker when we open it? Sometime a perfect ready-to-start-again us.

Pressure Steamer

He then started a course at the UAL (University of Art London in Chelsea), he chose this university because he found that there the art was always placed into the practical. Few years later is here running a successful interior design studio and teaching at the UAL.
What about the unexpected elegance?

When travelling or going out what makes you really relax?
Having a bath, a shower, washing your hand make you feel at your ease, make you taking your place. The bathroom is the key of every place you stay. Go to a classy restaurant and discover that the bathroom is disgusting just disappoint you, right? (same for the bread for me). Noting that Matteo is from Venice, a city surrounding by water, makes the fact that his favorite place to design is the bathroom a bit evident.

coffe machine MB

An example of “unexpected elegance”? Thinking about Venetian appartement to design: Matteo suggested Resin, which can look like wood but with no veins, no grains, plain, masculine and so why nit balancing it with some fur, feminine, cosy. And because it’s Venice we are talking about think about the drama of a black velvet, without forgetting the baroque which can be expressed by some molding wood.

Resin/Fur/Velvet/Molding this is an unexpected mix, this is an unexpected elegance.

Matteo suggested us other mix very interesting, like Buffalo leather and Vegetal panels but Please have a look on his website for more projects.

What are the new trend from Salon del Mobile Milan 9-12 April 2013?

1. Peacock every where
2. Kid first, children deserve same design than adults
3. Nature: Let’s grow vegetal on your library
4. Furry tales: From your chair to all your accessories
5. Patterns galore made from tiles, cement, marble in a wall or on the floor

To go further in the design he launched his first unexpected furniture:  The Muffin Pouf (Storage inside is possible) feminine by his aspect and masculine by the material.

Pouf MB


What was the most unexpected thing in Matteo’s life?

It was to be a teacher at the UAL so soon. He never imagined it could be possible so fast.

What’s mean a good client for MB Studio?

Someone who trusts him and his team, someone who allows them to express all their artistic skills and expertise.

In conclusion:

Meeting people like Matteo just make you remember that nothing is impossible in this city only if you want it. You can choose your life at anytime, don’t feel you are stuck, make a choice and go ahead. Don’t forget to celebrate life is too short.

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