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Organizer of bespoke Food and wine tasting for private and corporate.
Nominated educator for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust London

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A Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary to celebrate ? Original and interesting, improve your knowledge about Wine, Wine making processes, Viticulture and the Wine History with a Food and Wine Tasting London.

Your clients, team, prospects or partners are unique, and special and you need a special moment which take cares about them. I set up the best tailored Wine Tasting London to fit your company’s standards.

Official WSET Course provider for L1 and L2 Award in Wine and Spirits. The L1 is essential for working in restaurant or wine bar, L2 for connoisseurs who like to see clearer into the wineworld.

Discover the D-Vine, first connected Sommelier and treat your clients with the French style of life. Exclusive ambassador in Uk I offer to your company unique packages including the D-Vine, the Wine and the Wine Tastings

  • WSET Passed 100%
  • Passed with Merits 58%
  • Passed with Distinctions 42%

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Dear Stéphanie,
I would like to express my thanks to you for a great evening of food and wine! I always knew that La Mancha is a great place to wine and dine but I thought you did an exceptional job in making the evening so enjoyable: not only because of your deep knowledge of wine but also because you were able to bring people together in such a relaxed way.

Robert White


3 reasons why to sit for the WSET Level 2

Reason 1: You like your wine but you don't know why ? And so you don't dare change your habits and keep drinking the same wine since your 20th birthday. Reason 2 : Your position includes inviting your clients at the restaurant, and choosing the best wine option on the...
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Carlos Blanco, a venezuelan in Chelsea

Last week I had to give a talk about rapport in business, if I have to give one example of rapport in business I will give Carlos Blanco and I, Carlos and his clients, Carlos and his staffs, Carlos and wines. To survive in London you need friends, and I am very lucky...
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Sanger Champagne: All for one, one for all

With over 300 millions bottles sold each year, Champagne is today the most symbolic drink for celebration, and United Kingdom is still the first export market with over 32 millions bottles/year . Things to say about Champagne are endless, so I would like you to please...
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Jérome Poussin: Musketeer of Sanger Champagne

Previously MD at Bragard UK , Jérome Poussin is since 2012, when he set up is own wine distribution company the new musketeer for Sanger champagne, and the UK ambassador for the "Cellar of knowledge" founded by former students of the Avize winemaking school. I will...
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Chateau Reignac, a tale you can be part of.

Once upon a time in the south-west of the kingdom of France, called Aquitaine at this time, there was a hidden area. It was a beautiful area with the shape of a delta making the link between the Gironde estuary and the south of France where the Marmandais was...
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A wizard named Nicolas Lesaint

There are men behind every wines, there is a team, there is an idea, there is a vineyard of course, and like in music, there is a conductor to make the magic happen, @Chateau Reignac, the conductor is him: Nicolas Lesaint. I have met him first via his blog, his...
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Why a Food & Wine Tasting is the “Only-You” Experience?

There is Wine Tasting and Food and Wine Tasting, what is the difference? In a wine tasting you will have to describe and recognise a wine in Only 3 steps 1/ Appearance: You will be asked to look at the colour, at the density, at the deepness of the colour. 2/ Nose:...
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5 reasons why you should attend a Wine Tasting?

1.To know what’s mean “a good wine” It might sounds obvious, but is it really? How do you know what is a good wine if you have never been told and if you have never take the time to exeprience the level of acidity, bitterness, fruitness, sweetness. Of course a good...
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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Vino business

I don't know if you are aware but there is a big crisis in France! Forget about the DSK affair in Novotel, NY, forget about the UMP financing, or the François Hollande's croissant au beurre adventure, we are talking seriously now: Vino Business from Isabelle Saporta...
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SO2 authorized by kind of Wine Making Process

SO2 is naturally present in fermented product, and as it's a very good preservative we use it in the wine, so from only some trace to 200 mg/l the delta is huge from Natural to conventional wine making process. And unfortunately too much SO2 can be "délétère" for the...
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