BNI Night to remember

BNI Night to remember

Thanks to Sarah Bowles, Ethical IFA who wrote this post after a brilliant evening we organised with BNI Mayfair
Just like Edith Piaf Norman Lamont and Shirley Bassey last night all who went along to BNI Mayfairs Clerkenwell Event were singing “Non, je ne regrette rien” – as we drank the finest wines – ate the most delicious cheese charcuterie and chocolates – danced joked laughed and cried.
Trent’s in Leather Lane was the venue for our latest evening event and Aurora and Arthur the owners were brilliant hosts who were very pleased to meet both the members of the chapter as well as the guests.
It was lovely to see old and new members of the chapter as well as the guests they bought along it was an excellent opportunity to get potential business partners together. Stanley Silver has now proved to some very influential members of the area that he is the most charming debt collector they have met.
Stephanie did us proud with her excellent choice of wines paired with the most delicious food. Anyone who had not seen her in action before came away suitably impressed with a better understanding of why those of us who have been before love her. With no hint of pretension we travelled through the aromas and tastes of the best vineyards of France. I think it is safe to say we ended the event with a greater love of wine corks and the French accent.


Two of the visitors are speaking to Stéphanie about 4 future events on the back of last night. Thanks to the support for the event we have potential new members for the chapter as well as new sources of repeat business for several chapter members.

For the reasons of clarity and honesty there was singing although it was not Edith Piafs classic that charmed us but a selection of French blues tunes and no one cried during the evening either.

Stephanie Provided the following wines with the special price for BNI members

1/ Crémant de Limoux, Domaine Delmas, Organic £12.74

2/ Cuvée Cendrillon, Domaine de la Carrelière, Touraine, Organic £11.39

3/ VDP le Vaucluse, le cadet, Domaine Montirius, Biodynamic £9.40

4/ Vacqueyras, le Village, Domaine Montirius, Biodynamic £12.61

5/ Côtes de provence grand cru classé, Domaine Jas d’Esclan, Organic £10.73

6/ Monbazillac, cuvée des anges, Organic £12.05

Cheese from Beillevaire Cheese Monger

Chocolate from Iva