Group size:  12  people
Duration:     3 hours
Format:          5 courses & 5 wines
Where:        At your place
When:        Get in touch to book!
Price:               £65 per person

Birthplace of the Syrah and where the Viognier is king. Here, although the climate is perfect for grape cultivation, with year round sun and well-defined seasons, the land itself is undulating and uneven. Therefore much of the harvesting has to be done the old-fashioned way, by hand.
This is an area where the cost of wine can range from economical to astronomical. However you should not be fooled into thinking that it is only the most expensive wines which are the best. So much depends on the knowledge with which you make your choices. For example a delightful everyday wine such as Cotes du Rhone Village may give you as much pleasure as the considered classier, Condrieu.

St Peray & Provencal Scallops

St Peray is a dry white wine made from a blend of Roussanne and Marsanne and can trace its origin back to the Romans  when it was considered the wine of emperors and kings. It is has its own very distinctive white flower aroma and is a mineral white wine with a delicate, pale gold colour.
An ideal match for St. Peray are Provençal Scallops as they both share the same minerality. With garlic and basil added to the scallop sauce, the food and the wine work excellently, each boosting and enhancing the flavour of the other.

Gigondas & 7 hours lamb

Gigondas: A full-bodied medium red wine, both fruity and spicy is made from a blend of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre and Carignan. Hailing from the Cotes du Rhone this wine works perfectly with strong spicy food (think Korean or Thai). Its colour is brilliant red and if you’re an Australian Syrah fan then Gigondas is the French version you have to try! Seven Hour Lamb:This delicious meal can be made from the leg or another part of the lamb. Prepared the day before eating, the long slow cooking produces an incredible taste and meat as soft as butter. Serve with mashed potato and your choice of vegetables. The Gigondas and lamb work together in complete harmony.

St Joseph & Veal stew

St Joseph was originaly known as Vin Des Mauves but was given its current title by the monks during the late XVII century. A red, it is made from 100% Syrah which is extremely delicate and could be smothered by drinking it with any food with too strong a flavor. Ideal then is the smooth and creamy Veal Stew, usually served with rice. Matching St. Joseph in delicacy this is a marriage made in heaven.

Condrieu & Osso bucco

Condrieu is made from 100% Viognier and is a very rare wine indeed. An appellation dating from around 1940, it was very nearly decimated by the phylloxera. The vineyards in which this grape is cultivated are generally around 15 km of strongly sloped land so the Viognier is grown on terraces. It has an aroma combining violet, rose petal and white peach, a rounded and deep taste and is pale gold in colour. Osso bucco, this traditional Veal Stew with its very tender meat enjoys a seasoning of tomatoes and orange zest which beautifully balances the openness of the Condrieu.Try serving with polenta, or some delicious tagliatelle pasta to make a change from potato and don’t forget the Parmigiano!

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise & Pear Pie

Muscat de Beaumes de Venise is made from 100% Muscat petit grain and is a delicious, naturally sweet wine tasting of honey and is an intense golden colour in the bottle or glass.  Ideal as a desert wine it is also excellent as an aperitif with olives or goat cheese. Pear Pie, made with almonds is a pie which is not too sweet and the almonds lend just the right touch of bitterness which is superb in balancing the Muscat.

Andrea Casalotti
Andrea Casalotti Velorution
Stephanie is a marvelous hostess: her knowledge, attention to detail, skill in selection and preparation of wines and food is exceptional; and she is a lot of fun!

Jonathan Bird
Jonathan Bird singleswarehouse
Its with great pleasure that I recommend Stephanie for two reasons. First is that if you’ve never been to one of her events you really are missing out. Book now – go – and you’ll have a great time. Second is that she is a dedicated Managing Director, who wants the most for her business and also her clients. Real passion, real drive and a taste for real service.

Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies Rachel Kitchen
Stephanie runs great events, and her knowledge of wine is impressive. For her cheese and wine tasting, we worked our way through a delicious offering, and she was professional and knowledgeable, while facilitating a fun, sociable event.

Cedric Stupak Agent Revelateur
Stéphanie organized an exceptionnal Food and Wine tasting in Barcelona for me and my family this year. An amazing experience I would definitely recommand.
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