Cheese & Wine Tasting

Beillevaire, Philippe Olivier, Neil Yard

Why choose Cheese and Wine Tasting?

It is common knowledge that cheese and wine are a perfect match, but is it always true? Well, yes but it’s not as simple as you might think.
Come and learn how to pair your wine with your cheese and create that perfect match, learn about the different types of cheese and styles of wine, and try unusual exquisite pairings. 

Andrea Casalotti
Andrea Casalotti Velorution
Stephanie is a marvelous hostess: her knowledge, attention to detail, skill in selection and preparation of wines and food is exceptional; and she is a lot of fun!
Jonathan Bird
Jonathan Bird singleswarehouse
Its with great pleasure that I recommend Stephanie for two reasons. First is that if you’ve never been to one of her events you really are missing out. Book now – go – and you’ll have a great time. Second is that she is a dedicated Managing Director, who wants the most for her business and also her clients. Real passion, real drive and a taste for real service.
Rachel Davies
Rachel Davies Rachel Kitchen
Stephanie runs great events, and her knowledge of wine is impressive. For her cheese and wine tasting, we worked our way through a delicious offering, and she was professional and knowledgeable, while facilitating a fun, sociable event.
Cedric Stupak Agent Revelateur
Stéphanie organized an exceptionnal Food and Wine tasting in Barcelona for me and my family this year. An amazing experience I would definitely recommand.


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