Stephanie in 10 Drops

  1. Wine: Introduced as a child and always been part of my familial culture, look, smell, taste and guess. My favorite St Joseph, cuvée Caroline, Louis cheze, 2007.
  2. Food: Always been an important part of my culture, my mother grew up in Brasil, my father love to cook french, mixity, Local, fresh, organic when possible, I won’t never let down quality for quantity.
  3. WSET: Level 2 and 3 with Distinctions, on my way to Diploma, level 4, this is my journey to be part of the exclusif Master of Wine world.
  4. London: In 2010, August, Science museum, I decided to quit everything in France, and move to my favourite city to set up Food & wine Tasting Ltd and share my passion with you.
  5. Children: 2, Arthur and Lucie, living in France, I travel from London to Lille and vice versa so if you need a ride.
  6. Genetic: I wanted to know how life works, so I passed a master in Bio cells and genetics, loved it, but wanted to talk to people so stopped at this point.
  7. Sting: I learned english with his songs, and as a lead singer I use to play them a lot as same for a long list of rock bands.
  8. Pharmaceutic: 10 years of B2B as the white rabbit in Alice in wonderland, running after the time, but with a lot of fun, meeting people, closing deal, driving on the french roads, it was a great experience.
  9. London: In 2010, August, Science museum, I decided to quit everything in France, and to move to my favourite city where everything is possible. Now I have my friends here, a lot of fun and support.
  10. Cycling: I Use to be a race-cyclist, today I ride my Pashley Princess named Henrietta all around London
  11. Ecology: ex-big-meat-eater now vegetarian for ecological reason I won’t meat-shame anyone, I love the earth and make the most I can to protect it. 
  12. Learning: About wine, about people, about you, about science, about IT, about almost everything
  13. Extra drops: Knitting, writing, laughing, joking, drinking and other …ing make my life 🙂
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