“Wine is a beauty spot on the cheek of intelligence”

Omar Khayyam, Persian poet 11th century


If there is poetry in this world it probably starts with this winery, based in South of Rhône valley, their wines detain certainly a profound mystery and poetry. First, there is no chemical, and under the Demeter certification, the Mas De Libian offer respect to nature and humanity. It’s also a family adventure, the Thibon family acquires Libian in 1670.
The majority of the family is female, one dad, one wife who stopped her cardiologist career to take over the vineyard, 4 daughters and finally one son-in-law. Now there is also a horse, don’t ask me what is the link, I hope there is not! Horse might be for the natural vineyard management.
Is it because it’s a female wine that I love it?  I might do.
-No first is about the terroir, based between the Mont Ventoux, the Montmirail and the soil made of pebbles, vine no younger than 30 years, everything reminds you about the greatest Chateauneuf du pape’s terroir.
-Second the grapes: Syrah, garnacha, Mourvèdre (monastrell, matao).
-Third the viticulture system always been organic, no pesticides, no weed killers, and from 2005 they turned to Demeter biodynamic certification. That what we will call in France “le bon sens”.
Looking at the pictures on their website (follow this link to find out more you will only see vineyards and family having fun. So the reason why I love their wine range is because you can feel they have been made with love.

The wine/one to taste: KHAYYÂM

Cuvée produced in honor of Omar Khayyâm, 11th century muslim
Persian poet and mathematician who has written hundreds of texts celebrating wine and women. Carpe Diem philosophy.
Terroir: rolled pebbles.
Yield: 30 à 35 Hl/Ha
Farming method: biodynamic
Method used: Gobelet cut for the grenache and removal of the “anticipés”
(early shoots); wiring on syrah with deleafing
Harvest : Entirely manual with strict selection at the plot.
Vinification : Respectful. Cépages are mixed in the vats. “Eraflage” (destemming)
100%. Light crushing. Regulation of the fermentation temperatures. 18 day
maceration. Pigeage if necessary. Draining by gravity. Pneumatic pressing. 10
months in foudre barrels for 40 % of the wines.
Cépages : 75 % grenache noir / 15 % Syrah / 10 % Mourvèdre

Tasting Notes:

Spicy, elegant, with black berry and licorice dominance, if you let it breath enough you will get the animal aromas and the chocolate.

Wine Pairing:

It’s a meaty and spicy wine, I had it myself with some duck breast cooked slowly for 3 hours, and a carrot and apple stir fried. But you can drink it with some Indian spicy food, Thaï and of course with your summer BBQ.

If you are lucky, like me try to find Khazan


Read what Helène Thibon (the winemaker) wrote about it:

A l’est d’Elen, un vin nommé désir.
East of Elen, a wine named desire.

Il était une année 2013 où le printemps fut absent…
Once upon a year 2013, the spring was not…

Le grenache allait naître promettant de lourdes grappes noires.
The garnacha will be born with a heavy juicy grape promess
Toute la famille se penchait sur le berceau prononçant les vœux :
The whole family was leaning on the cradle saying the vows:
« – ta fleur sera belle et fécondée
– ton fruit sera juteux et sucré
– ton vin sera parfumé, capiteux et épicé… »
“your flower will be beautiful and fertilized
your fruit will be juicy and sweet
your wine will be intense, heady and spicy…”

L’orage éclata, amenant avec lui les trois méchantes fées, pluie, vent, froid :
The storm broke, bringing with him three wicked fairy, rain, wind, cold:

« – ta fleur coulera
– ta récolte petite sera
– ton vigneron pleurera »

“your flower will flow
– Your harvest will be small
– Your winemaker weep “

Il en fut ainsi.
Mais, la Syrah, fille du nord et le Mourvèdre futé comme un gars du sud
ne subirent pas les mauvais sorts.

So it was.
But, Syrah, girl from the north and Mourvèdre smart like a southern guy
did not suffer from bad luck.

Ils se marièrent et eurent un bel enfant : Khazan
They get married and had a beautiful child: Khazan

Au vu de ce millésime atypique, les vignerons de Libian décident de réunir Khayyâm et Bout d’Zan en une seule cuvée : KHAZAN, un vin explosif à la fois gourmand et profond aux accents de fruits noirs finement épicés.
From this atypical vintage, Libian winemakers Libian decided to bring Bout d’Zan and Khayyam in one batch: Khazan, an explosive wine that is both greedy and deep with hints of finely spicy black fruits.


Happy tasting!



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