I couldn’t write before now or maybe after it…

After they shot Charb, Cabu, Wolinski, Bernard, Tignoux, Michel, Honoré, Mustapha, Franck, Amhed, Frédéric, Elsa. I say they shot, not they killed because no one can kill Laugh, Love. No one can kill ideas, spirits, thoughts. The history shows us a lot tried but they all failed.

Those guys are part of my culture, my childhood, my country. They are the proof we are living in a democracy. The democracy we fought for. I am from the country of Voltaire, François Rabelais, caricature humour has always been there.

What has been printed, tattooed deeply inside me since yesterday is I won’t let the democracy being shot again.

I am Charlie, and today I am sad, but tomorrow I will laugh again and more loudly, I will give my hand to anyone who want to laugh with me, anyone, with any difference, from any culture, religion, and I won’t let anyone pretends that we can’t live together, that there is bad and good thoughts, that some people deserve to be shot for any reason.

Strangely I am not angry, I believe they died as they wanted to, and my opinion is that the killers unfortunately didn’t really get what they were doing, ignorance.

No I am not angry but I am ashamed, yes really ashamed because I let it happened. Every time I have heard hateful talks and I haven’t said anything against it I let it happened. Every time I read about fundamentalists, extremists asking for death and I went back to my easy life, with my good opinion of myself, pretending this is not gonna happened, I let it happened. Every time I hear or read people confounding religion and extremism and never said a word, I let it happened. Every time I let our politicians using hateful speeches and never reacted. Every time I have understood politicians were using me to create more exclusion, less education i let it happened. Every time I didn’t take my rights to put my vote, I denigrated democracy, I let it happened. Every minute I haven’t used to explain to my children why loving, understanding, asking questions, discovering, talking to others it is so important, everytime I haven’t used to explain them about democracy, I have wasted this time and i let it happened.

From tomorrow may I never forget about why they die for, may I never waste any occasion, any time to protect the democracy, may I never shut my mouth up to protect my ass, may I always have the force and the patience to help everyone (even me) to love each other. May I be a little of them.

May I raise my glass of wine and cheer with everyone who wants to, in our world.

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