There is Wine Tasting and Food and Wine Tasting, what is the difference?

In a wine tasting you will have to describe and recognise a wine in Only 3 steps

1/ Appearance: You will be asked to look at the colour, at the density, at the deepness of the colour.

2/ Nose: You will have to define the different aromas you can smell, first their categories (Fruity, herbal, floral, spicy, empyreumatique…) and to tell in details what you can really smell.

3/ Taste: When sipping and swallowing the wine you will be asked to describe the flavours of the wine.

In a Food and Wine Tasting there is 2 other notions you will be told about

4/ What is the wine specificity which allowed it to be paired with a certain food (acidity balanced with sweetness, or fruitness with bitterness…)

5/ How the Food impact on the wine (how proteins balance tannins, how fat balanced the minerality…)

There is one unique observation no-one can tell you

6/ What is your favorite pairing. After all, your taste is unique and you might enjoy pairings which are not ordinary pairings. Some people love sweet/sweet, some Sweet/acid (like lemon pie), Chocolate/tannins, chocolate/sweet…

That’s why the Food and Wine Tasting is the “Only-you” experience” !


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