5 reasons why you should attend a wine tasting

1.To know what’s mean “a good wine”

It might sounds obvious, but is it really? How do you know what is a good wine if you have never been told and if you have never take the time to exeprience the level of acidity, bitterness, fruitness, sweetness. Of course a good wine is the one you appreciate, but also a good wine has to show a good balance, a good structure. And those aspects can only be understood by being taught through a wine tasting.
During a wine tasting you will learn how to be attentive to the different part of your tongue, your games, and your complete palate. Those will help you to recognise the sensations only a good wine can give you, even if it’s not of your taste.

Do not pay too much for wine

2. To never pay too much (or not enough) for a good wine

Even if in our time more and more people are aware that good wine doesn’t necessarily cost you an arm and a leg, it’s still hard to get what is the right price to pay for your wine further more on a restaurant wine menu, when you only get the name and the description. Description can be very far away from the truth, and most of the time they come from the winemaker himself, not really objective. Also when you see a good bargain in a supermarket how do you know it’s really a good deal?
During a wine tasting you learn about the different appellations, countries, wine makers, classifications, climate, terroir and it helps you to see clearer what the price should be for a particular kind of wine. Too pricy or not enough are never a good deal for you, your palate and the winemaker.

Exalt your senses

3. To have a free check-up of your 5 senses

Tasting wine is not about drinking wine, I choose always good wine so my guests most of the time don’t spit, but I have some time people who are not drinking coming to my events because they are not only wine tasting events but networking, or birthday party, hen party, charity events.
Tasting wine is about awaking your senses to what happens when they are in contact with wine. It’s completely the opposite of being drunk, when you are drunk you can’t feel anything anymore. That’s why most of the wine lovers take attention at never cross the line, unfortunately there is no way to produce good wine with no alcohol and there is no human adaptation to alcohol.

How a wine tasting does test your 5 senses?

Sight: When looking at the appearance, colour, legs or tears, the superior couch, bubbles…
Smell: When defining the different flavors you get from the glass (herbal, fruity, spicy…)
Touch: When feeling the texture, the density of the wine.
Taste: When sipping it and when swallowing it if you don’t spit.
Ear: When listening and recording what I am saying (this can be check with a quiz)

5 reasons why you should attend a wine tasting

4. To not struggle anymore with food & wine pairings

What do you when you are cooking, when you are at the restaurant to choose the right wine, of course you ask your wine merchant or the sommelier, but he doesn’t know your taste. Maybe you like sour and sweet, maybe you like bitter and acidic, or maybe he has the right choice but not at the right price for your wallet, so you are stuck!
At a wine tasting you will be told about grapes specificities, and about appellation and country specificities which will give you an objective way to guess what might be the taste of a particular wine. Of course it’s not an exact science so you can go wrong but probably as much as your wine merchant and your sommelier. The best thing is you can make your own choice which can be out of the line for wine connoisseurs but a delight for you and your guests.

Meet Leonardo

5.To meet people and have fun

It’s not true with every wine tastings, but at mine it is definitely what’s happening. I like to create a friendly atmosphere, to be very easy to understand and I like my guests to be part of the tasting, to share their own impressions and to explain where those impressions come from. As they are completely bespoke, my events give space and time to anyone attending. Because who can say he knows everything about wine…Leonardo?

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