I was asked a second time to hold a Cheese and wine Tasting with chocolate for a networking event organized for BNI West Hampstead and specifically for the Property & Financial Group. I love to do this kind of event as I really need to make it entertaining and let enough space for people to do networking. Last time we did a French Wines Tour, this time I decided to go for unexpected Summery Wines. Yes, you probably think France is one the best country for Summer wines with its Rosé Côte de Provence, Côte du Rhône village and other nice refreshing white wines from Loire Valley as white Touraine or even from Languedoc-Roussillon like Picpoul, or even my favorite simple Muscat de Lunel paired with Green Olives.
I selected 6 wines and so we started in Italy to finish in Portugal going through New Zealand and even in England with a surprising Red wines made from Regent grape with a 11% Alcohol, not easy to produce sweet grapes here, but no Chaptalisation was necessary here due to the biodynamic wine making.


Wine list (all Biodynamic)
1. Prosecco Spumante ‘Col di Manza’ 2012, DOCG Perlage (Italy)
2. Finca Fabian Espumoso Sparkling, Dominio de Punctum (Spain)
3. Blanc de Noir, Nelson, Richmond Plains 2012 (New Zealand)
4. Regent Dry Red, Sedlescombe Vineyard 2010 (England, East Sussex)
5. Rioja Usoa de Bagordi DO 2012 (Spain)
6. Quinta da Esteveira DOC Reserva 2010 (Portugal)

Tasting notes to come with wine fich in the wine shop section.


Cheese list from Beillevaire Cheesemonger

1. comté cheese 24 months
2. Sablé du Boulonnais
3. Petit Cabri (Goat cheese)
4. Ossau Iraty (Ewe/ship milk)
5. Triple cream, Machecoulais


Chocolate from Iva, Steeles village Chocolatier, Dark chocolate with cherry to pair with Quinta da Esteveira DOC Reserva 2010, Portugal, plus other nice truffles, a great success as usual!







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