Another great evening I was involved in, a sumptuous flat in Paris Bastille, 10 girls, sparkling to start and big red to finish paired with Cheese, Charcuterie and fresh bread, easy and a lot of fun. Most of the Food and Wine were Organic and biodynamic from exclusive producers: Vincent Carême, Louis Cheze…)
See the wine list here

How does it work

Through the booking calendar you pick a date and send me a request, you give me Time, Number, and style of Wine Tasting (Standing, sitting).
I come back to you with budget and theme.
If you need a venue just have a look in our Venue list or ask me for something more specific, if you already have a venue I will come and visit it and fix with you or the manager of the venue how to arrange the place.
To book definitely you will be asked to pay 50% of the total one week in advance.

What happens on the day?

I arrive on the early day to put Food and Wine in the fridge, and I come back 1 hour and half before the event to set up everything. When you come back at the time we decided everything is ready and we can start. The event last from 2 to 3 hours, depending on you (no extra charge).

For this specific night Girls arrived at the flat on Friday, I arrive on Saturday early afternoon to put the wine and the food in the fridge, came back around 4pm to set up everything, the night started from 6pm until 10pm and probably last longer without me 🙂

We started in the comfy space of the sitting room before joining the table.

You can see below some pictures of the evening:


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