Today is the Epiphany, in France and in most of the Christian countries we have another funny and delicious way to celebrate the baby Jesus visit by the 3 wise kings in the bible: And off course it’s involved “eating”! The “Couronne des rois” for people from the south or the “Galette des rois” for people from the north has to share on the first Sunday of the year. In both recipes you have a lucky charm (Fève in french) hidden inside. The tradition wants that the youngest person goes under the table to tell who is gonna have the slide just cut. The person who gets the lucky charm is told to be queen or king, and can choose is queen or king. Here is the traditional recipe from the north version, also called the Frangipane.

What do we need?

-2 puff crusts (made with butter)
-2 eggs
-75gr butter
-150gr grounded almonds
-100gr sugar
-optional: 1 tsp rum or kirsh

How do we process?

-Roll up the crust
-Mixe the grounded almonds, the sugar, the melted butter and the beaten egg (keep the other one for the last step).
-Spread the filling on the puff pastry.
-Don’t forget to put the lucky charm, I used a 2 p coin a gentle wink to the Xmas pudding tradition.
-Cover with the 2nd crust, spread the other beaten egg and close the 2 crusts together, draw a nice shape with a knife.
-Put in the oven 200°C for 12 min.

What do we drink with?

My favorite pairing with frangipani is Chenin Blanc Grape, in this case we had a nice bottle of Anjou 2010, Chateau Du Breuil, Clos du frère Etienne gently oaky and full-bodied. The most commune will be a sparkling Vouvray.

Bon appétit!

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