Arriba Mexico Calling: The Best Mexmas Pop up Restaurant!


Mexmas, Kezako?

means Mexican Xmas, and it’s the name Marlène and her partners Julia the creator of Radical Dining Society and Nat’ gave to their first pop-up restaurant. To be clear it’s not only a pop-up restaurant as it will stay only for 4 days but as well an underground restaurant, hidden on the north-est London, in the trendy De Beauvoir area in N1 5GB (Hakney), don’t need to explain that you have to be organised to get there, but it really worth it!! Mexmas3

What else?

What else for Nat’ who used to be a chef for one year in Mexico and for Marlène actually chef in a brand new Mexican restaurant:Peyote? Mexmas pop up restaurant is just the natural way to follow their own mexican experiences, “la boucle est bouclée” Mister Watson.Mexmas5

Blue Tacos Mama mia!

Well I arrived for 9pm (it starts from 7pm), and actually thought it was a good time to arrive, people were already having their cocktails, Margarita or the house cocktail made from premium Tequila, and the queue for the homemade Tacos was ending. I chose a Blue Taco, especially made for this opening by Blue pudding. It was the easy compare to the next step: choosing between 4 delicious fillings: Pork and potatoes, Chicken and pineapple, spicy beef or vegetarian with a mix of Aubergine, Nopal cactus, mushrooms and carrot…Actually the various choices was a good start to engage conversation with other people.Mexmas2

Caramba el Guacamole!

I am not a big fan of Mexican food and it is probably due to all the processed food usually served. The guacamole yesterday was my discovery. I learned that the secret was about the seasoning, Marlène explained me that after few travels to Mexico and her training as a chef in Peyote, Mexican restaurant she now got the perfect saltness necessary to give the perfect flavours to the avocado and create guacamole, don’t need to speak about the touch of lemon: Perfect! Mexmas4

Mexican life se escrito como una pasion!

(sorry I don’t have la tilda on my keyboard)
Mexican wines were present as well, actually they called themself South Californian wines, fair enough! And yes they do have something from California and this is the american barrels flavours. I won’t say it was great wines, but it was a good wines in quality and in taste, simple and easy to drink perfect to pair the spiciness of the Tacos, surely I will prefer a blend made from Shiraz, this one was made from Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.


It was a lot of fun, finished for 11:30pm, perfect to catch the last overground, no headache this morning, wine was good 🙂

Hasta Luego Amigos!!

Mexmas pop up Restaurant until Saturday 14th of December 2012. Only £15 when booking online.

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