This week is Beaujolais Nouveau Day which marks the beginning of the winter. when cold is wrapping you there is nothing better to invite your friend around a cheese raclette or cheese fondue. No specific recipe for the raclette, just ask your cheese monger to cut the cheese raclette for you, you can add some Morbier (raclette cheese with ashes in the middle), prepare your charcuterie, add some mushrooms, peppers and it’s ready.
The cheese fondue request more time to prepare, but when done everyone can enjoy it at the same time. The selection of cheese is really important as it can change the taste a lot. For Londoners I recommend Beillevaire Cheese monger in Knightsbridge, for Lillois I recommend Philippe Olivier cheese monger in rue du curée St Etienne. As well a fresh cheese fondue is very different of the ready-made one as Entremont, if you don’t like the last one I can only recommend you to taste the real recipe below.

What do we need?


-Fondue pot

Cheese for 4 to 6 people:

-1 clove of Garlic
-300gr Beaufort cheese
-300gr Comté cheese
-300g Tome de savoie
-1/2 Reblochon cheese
-1 glass of dry white wine (apremont, Abymes wine, vin de Savoie you can also use Alsacian Sylvaner)
-Black pepper or/and nutmeg

To eat the cheese fondue:

-Old bread (preferably made with Levain) 200gr/3 persons

How do we process?

-Cut all cheeses
-Scrape the fondue pot with the clove of garlic and let it in.
-Put the fondue pot over the fire.
-Add little by little the cheese, and the wine, finish with the Reblochon cheese.
-Stir until cheese is melted
-When ready put the fondue pot under its own special fire in the middle of the table.


-At the end add an egg yolk to get the remaining cheese

What do drink with?

-Preferably a dry white wine: from sylvaner to Champagne, the most classic is Apremont, but a white Crozes Hermitage is perfect as well.
-This week you can have it with Beaujolais Nouveau, and other weeks if you are a red wine drinker go for Chenas, or a Beaujolais village.

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