This week is time for tricks and treats, scary costume and too much sweet, and sure it’s complicated to pair sweets and wines. But Halloween is not a reason to go for creepy wines!

3 Tips to Treat yourself with tricky wine pairing:

1/ With Kit Kat, Cadbury fingers, Mars bar, the easy one will be a bloody porto, the ruby one, but be carefull it’s heavy, prefer the easier Zinfandel from the Nappa valley or the darker Cahors From France.
2/ Maybe for your costume’s party you will have some salty roasted pumpkin seeds and nuts, as well as spicy chips and salsa, onion squash soup, in this case bring a bottle of a fruity Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, or a velvety Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile.
3/ If  you are not a vampire, but still a zombie, and so you prefer white, indulge yourself with a French or an Australian Viognier, try a Soave from Italy they pair chocolate and spicy food as well as Gewürztraminer.
You are a dead wine lover just organise a horrific wines blind tasting with your bloody friends, everyone bring a bottle of wine with a home-made Halloween label!

Need Ideas? Please post a comment.

Happy Halloween!

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