what is the Pessoa concept?

You thought you will be bored with local products, come to Pessoa and taste the freshness of the food, fall in love with “la cuisine de Terroir”.
Pessoa is not only a restaurant is a concept with 2 important lines:
-“Cuisine de Bistrot”
-“cuisine de produits frais”
“Efficiency! People need to be pamper. We define the best regional products of the month to suggest 2 simple meals. A 3 and a 4 courses meal. Our client feel at his ease, doesn’t feel lost in a too big menu, he knows we take care of everything.” That’s Fred speaking. Fred is this tall and smiling man who shakes your hand to welcome you.

Pessoa Restaurant

Salle Pessoa only 28 guests
Fred simply wanted to offer quality with good value for money. He won his bet! The room can fit up to 28 guests, Pessoa’s team want to keep quality on food at the expense of number of clients.

Couteaux pessoa
-For lunch: Prices are 20€ for 2 courses meal or 25€ for the 3 courses meal.
-For dinner: Prices are 25€ for the 3 courses meal, and 38€ for the 4 courses meal. Mainly fish on the evening.

Pessoa’s team

persil plat pessoa

Pessoa’s team is only 3 talents and selected partners for the best quality in products.
-Fred the owner, and the spirit of this place.
-The Chef Nicolas Choquet has been trained in Roubaix and this is after having worked for 5 Years with Benoît Bernard that he continued with Steven Ramon who took over as a Chef at La Laiterie (One Macaron Michelin) . He says “works with fresh products is logic, everyone should do the same”, there is no constraint with carte the menu can evolve even on the same service. He has to use his talent, tips to adapt every time his work.
-khanh vong is not only the second, he can run the service on his own, he is also a plastician artist. His wife is a vegetable grocer. He learned on the field, he loves to create meal with fresh product, to keep the natural taste in food. He uses a minimum of spiciness.

Pessoa products

Fresh, sustainable and local
accompagnement du moment pessoa

Wines are from natural wineries with low yeld, with no use of chemical and with traditional hand harvest

“Côté vins, nous aimons les vins jeunes, naturels ou bio, des viticulteurs du Languedoc-Roussillon, d’Ardèche, du Vaucluse ou de la Loire, le Morgon de chez Lapierre, le Chablis de Thomas Pico, le Touraine de François Chidaine et le Saint Joseph de Coursodon.”

“For wines, we like young wines, naturals and organic, from Languedoc Roussillon, Ardèche, Vaucluse or Loire valley areas wine makers, Morgon from Lapierre, Chablis from Thomas Pico, Touraine from François Chidaine and St Joseph from Coursodon.”
Morgon Lapierre

Bread is from Alex Croquet “Boulanger fou de pain” (Baker crazy about bread) well-known for his work with only Biodynamic and Label Rouge Flour.

Alex Croquet is a rare biodynamic Baker supplying the best restaurants (La Laiterie, L’huitrière) in the region.

Fish is from Christophe Henry delivered every other day

Chritophe Henry goes to the “criée” every single day and bring his selection straight to the restaurant, only 5 hours separate Pessoa from the sea.
Homards d'Audresselles

Local vegetables are freshly delivered each day.

Radis Pessoa

Pessoa courses outlook

Octopus with pork

Poulpe Pessoa

Assiette de Palourdes

palourdes pessoa

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