I have made this pie exclusively to match a Vacqueyras, it already existed different recipe made from Red peppers but I was not happy as they usually use eggs and cream as a Lorraine Quiche, and I was not looking for the creamy taste but for the real peppery taste to pair the wine.

Pairing: Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Chateauneuf du pape, côteaux du Ventoux, Australian Shiraz, South African Cabernet Sauvignon.


-200g Flour
-100g salty butter
-1 yolk of egg
-Water (50g)

-Olive oil
-4 bigs peppers
-1 Onion
-3 Tsp Dijon Mustard
-150g Feta
-Salt and Black Pepper

1/Preheat the Oven 180° (Th6)
2/In a stove melt the onion with some olive oil. When done melt the sliced pepper. Add some salt and pepper. Cover the stoven. The idea is to express the sweetness of the peppers. When is done, add the Feta.
3/In a large bowl or in your food processor mix the flour and the yolk of egg. Add the soft butter and mix. Gently add the water until you have a nice ball. Let it rest in your fridge for about 15min.
4/Roll out the pastry then prick it with a fork, and put in the oven to pre-cook.
5/After 5 to 10 min spread the mustard and add the filling to the pastry and put in the oven for about 30 min.

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