A seasonal recipe but you can also make it with syrup Pears. This pie is made to paire pudding dessert.

Pairing: Rivesaltes Ambré, Sauterne, Monbazillac, Ste Croix du Mont, Côteaux du Layon.



-200gr flour
-100gr butter
-1 yolk egg
-100gr brown sugar


-4 Pears (Williams, Comice) in syrop
-100gr grounded almonds
-100gr brown sugar
-100gr soft butter
-2 eggs
-2 Tsp Flour


-1/2 liter of water for 100gr of sugar + Vanilla extract and Lemon zest and juice.


1/Pre heat the Oven 180°C (TH6)

2/To prepare the pear in syrop, boil the water with the sugar and a lemon zest. Cut the pear and add some lemon juice on them. When the water is boiling, put the pears inside and let them cook until they are soft, around 20 to 30 min.

3/For the crust, in a bowl beat the yolk egg and the sugar, add the soft butter and mix with the flour. Let it rest for a bit.

4/Stir the soft butter and the sugar, add the eggs. Finish by adding the almonds and the 2 table spoon of flour.

5/Roll the pastry, prick it with a fork and put in the oven for pre-cook.

6/Spread the almonds filling on the pastry, place the pear pieces on the top. You can then add some almonds on the top to add some crustiness to the pie.

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