Terrine de Poivrons

Summer is full of vegetables and the nicest way to keep them for winter is to do conserve, the terrine de poivron is an example of what you can do. It can be served as an aperitif/tapas or as a side order with pasta.
You can conserve it if you plunge the conserve for 1 hour in boiled water.
For our food and wine tasting it will be served on deep slide of rustic bread to match 2 different St Joseph red wines.
St Joseph it’s a wine from north of the Rhone valley, it’s the Shiraz’s birthplace village. For me it’s a precious appellation. Read more about cotes du rhones appellations here

Terrine de poivrons in 7 easy steps

Terrine poivron1Terrine Poivron 2

-Step 1: Put the peppers selection on the oven for 15 min, 220°.
-Step 2: Place the peppers in a plastic bag to cold down, to peel them more easily.
Terrine de poivron 3Terrine poivron 4
-Step 3: Pip and peel off the peppers
-Step 4: Cut them
Garlic TPTerrine poivron 6
-Step 5: Finely cut Garlic, thym. Prepare Marine salt and pepper, and olive oil.
-Step 6: Alternate layers of green, yellow and red pepper, add Garlic/salt/pepper.
-Final Step: Add the thym, cover with olive oil. Let marinated for 24 hours.
-You can sterilise the conserve to keep it longer.

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