This Week-end London was hosting 2 big events, the Marathon the 2nd biggest after New York and the St George Feast. Sure, I started to run again but I was not yet ready for a marathon so I went to Trafalgar square to see Rachel’s Kitchen.
Rachel started her cookery school few years ago after being a chef. As she explained on her demo she wants now to share with people what is became her passion: she had to learn cooking while on VSO in Zambia.Having never cooked before, she was forced to learn fast whilst living in a village with no supermarket, and it is for her the best thing which happened in her life.


So today Rachel was explaining to the audience how to prepare a delicious bread and butter pudding. It reminded me about my childhood when my mother used to prepare this pudding with me and my brothers. It was a lot of fun, and so good. It is a simple and delicious. With 2 screens we were able to see as we were over the table, and Rachel’s speech is so full of good energy that it’s a pleasure to listen to her.


She explained the importance of a good quality vanilla essence to flavour the custard. How to avoid cooked yolk in the custard. And finally how to poor properly the custard all over the bread. The gestures were perfects as the chef she is.


She showed us 2 different ways to caramelize the sugar, using your oven on the grill function or with a torch as you will do with a crème brûlée. After the 40 minutes session it was time for a tasting, all the audience queued to have a bite of this delicious pudding. I unfortunately didn’t have the chance to get one, but hey…I will book a cookery’s class where I can enjoy not only a nice moment, nice food but as well nice wine to go with it.

Rachel's final

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