Tuesday 27th November, the second session for Cheese & Wine Tasting was in the air: Candles, Cheeseboards, wine glasses and of course: wines! But nothing could happen without the people attending for this evening. And what happened this night was very good! We had great fun, lot of laugh, thanks to all of you who came this time. To be sure you won’t forget what you learned about wine, and about how to pair cheese and wine I post you here a little reminder.

The wines were:

100% Chardonnay. With more than 300 wine grower “La Chablisienne” is responsable of 25% on the total production in the chablis area.They produce Petit Chablis, Chablis, premier cru et grand cru, 250 000 hl/year. Usually a good value for monnay. Chablis is the archetype of mineral wine with gunflint, flint, chalk scents due to the specific soil (clay, limestone and oyster fossils) situated in the north of Burgundy.
100% Pinot Gris. Familial winery run by Peter Logan, master of wine. Logan winery is situated in Orange, new south wales area in Australia. This area produce the most delicate australian wines due to its climate, the coolest one, with an altitude of 600 meters over the sea. The logan vineyard is at 800 meters, which gives to the grape a good day and night contrast in temperature, a good drainage, essential conditions to produce good quality grapes.
80% Macabeu, 20% White Granacha. Organic. Has to be drunk in the 2 years after the harvest. This is today the most delicate white wine. Don’t serve it too cold, this wine need to open itself almost at room temperature.
100% Gamay. From the northest part of Beaujolais, a fantastic wine with the strawberry jam flavours specific to the AOC. Drink it now or keep it up to 7 years. A very law yield to preserve the quality of the wine.
40% Black Granacha, 40% Carignan, 15% Shiraz, 5% Mourvedre. Organic. Oldest AOC in Languedoc Roussillon, Fitou is the results of the perfect combination between complimentary grapes: Granacha for its smoothness, fruitness, Carignan for the powerful taste, the structure, Shiraz for the lenght and Mourvedre (monastrell) for the tannins. This wine can age up to 15 years, needs to be decanted, to be served at room temperature. Fitou is situated on the mediteranean side (est of Toulouse), south of Languedoc (Montpellier), north of Roussillon (Perpignan).
Blend of the 3 granacha: White, grey and black. Organic. Age for a minimum of 5 years, when the AOc required 2 years. You can keep this wine for years. It’s an onctuous, amber wine good for dessert. Domaine Grand Guilhem offer as well some guest rooms.

1/ Chablis “les vaux Sereins”, 2010, £15.50

Appearance: Bright greenish yellow.

Nose: minerality, lemon, green apple.

Palate: Soft acidity, same as the nose plus vanilla and acacia.

Match: Shellfish, fish and cheese.

Pairing of the evening: Chablis cheese, goat cheese.


2/Logan, Weemala, Pinot Gris, £13.99

Appearance: Brigth white gold colour.

Nose: Lemon, pear, mandarin.

Palate: Medium acidity, strong peppery.

Match: White meat in sauce, white meat, strong cheese.

Pairing of the evening: Gorgonzola.


3/ Corbières Blanc, Domaine Grand Guilhem, Organic, £14

Appearance: Bright, very pale gold

Nose: Complex floral

Palate: Dry with a lot of aromas in final.

Match: Casseroles, Chablis cheese, comté, Epoisse, Munster.

Pairing of the evening: Chablis


Best pairing: Logan Pinot Gris/Gorgonzola

4/ Morgon Chateau Gaillard

Appearance: Bright intense ruby

Nose: Jamy strawberry, Cherry, leather

Palate: Dry but juicy, strawberry with cherry, good length.

Match: Goat cheese: Fresh and matured

Pairing of the evening: Rouleau de Beaulieu en Ardèche (Goat milk)


4/ Fitou, Domaine Grand Guilhem, 2007, Organic, £16.99

Appearance:Bright and Intense deep ruby

Nose: Very ripe red fruits, quince, Cherry “eau de vie”

Palate: Prune, nuts, herby, dried currant, dry plum…

Match: meat in sauce, casserole, cheese

Pairing of the evening: Brie de Meaux, Fleur rouge.


6/Rivesaltes, 1998, £24,99

Appearance: Deep Bright amber colour

Nose: : intense over ripe fruits

Palate: Unctuous (très gras) deep, plums, dried figs,

Match: Foie Gras, Chocolate, matured cheeses.

Pairing of the evening: Chocolate

Best Pairing: Morgon/Rouleau de Beaulieu en Ardèche (Goat milk)





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