Today is thanksgiving! the world will eat a turkey, and the question will be: What to drink with a Turkey? One of the most important day in USA and Canada. This is in 1621, in Plymouth, when the majority of the pilgrim brothers were dying from the Scorbut, that Squanto from the Wapanoag tribe gave them some food and taught them how to fish and hunt. One year after, to celebrate the first harvest the colons shared a meal with the Wapanoag tribe and offer them Turkeys and pigeons.

What to drink with a turkey?

The perfect example of why helping your fellow man is simply beautiful. This story took over a christian celebration, Day of Mercy, to become a laïc celebration in USA and Canada.
Thanks planes and Heathrow airport we have in Europe a lot of Americans and Canadians who will celebrate Thanksgiving today here! And as its a peaceful day, I will do the same.
The bad thing is that there were no Ducks in Plymouth but only turkeys…Yes I will prefer to pair a Duck with a glass of Gigondas (Côtes du Rhones/France), sad. Turkey is not a premium choice for poultry, (btw please choose it free range from farmer, thanks for the animals!), so it needs creamy side dishes (mash potatoes, carrots)  to balance its natural dryness.

Good news in this fraternal day: Red and White wines drinkers will be both happy!!

Start with a 100Pinot Gris, I recommand Logan, Pinot gris from Orange/Australia, the wine maker is a Master of wine, he does subtil and delicate wines, price £13. If you prefer half-dry wines go for a Vouvray, Loire valley/France, and why not a sparkling one, for around £10 these wines made from 100% Chenin Blanc will give some roundness to your turkey. Chardonnay from south burgundy/Franceare always welcome, the creaminess Givry (around £15) or Macon village (around £12)of these well charpented wines add richness to the turkey.

Now let’s continue with Côte de Blaye is a non expensive quality red wine from Bordeaux area, made from a majority of Merlot, they are dry but fruity and light with naturaly a nice complexity, from strawberry, cherry to a tint of leather choose Lacaussade St Martin 2009 or 2010, £11, this wine is produced in an independant winery and offers a very good value. Pinot Noir, Lake Chalice from Malbourough valley NZ, ok I already told you about it, but what can I do: for a £16 you have a delicious nectar from an independant winery. Further more Lake Chalice is involved in the protection and reintegration of NZ birds. Sustainibility mon amie!!

Most important to pair your Thanksgiving dinner are your friends you will be sharing with, I wish you have a good time

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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