Spéculoos are flemish biscuits made from cassonade (brown sugar) and cinnamon, they match perfectly with bitter drinks like coffee or some beers. Actually they became the national representation of Belgium, ask for a coffee everywhere in france, and in some places in London and it will be served with these delicious belge biscuits. You can use them to do Tiramisu as well, or your favorite Cheesecake!!




To drink: coffee, a glass of Orval


Cook time: 25 min

Prep time: 15 min


Ingredients for 4p:

1.5 l single cream

90gr powder brown sugar

4 yolk eggs


9 speculoos

4 ramekins for ovens

1. Heat the cream and add 6 speculoos, and cinamonn.
2. In a bowl, beat until white the eggs and the brown sugar.
3. Add the hot cream delicatly, still beating.
4. Put the blend in the ramekins.
5. Put the ramekins in the oven (120°, th4) with Bain-marie, for 25 min.
6. Let in the fridge for some hours, decorate with speculoos, ready to be serve!!


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