Raspberries tiramisu is a variant of the traditionnal one but I replace the biscuit by speculoos, and chocolate by raspberries, amaretto by Rhum, cognac or grand marnier and still we use black and white chocolate to decorate. The success secret is to be very delicate when you mix the foamy eggs and the mascarpone, by the way: please don’t use cream but just mascarpone. I use brown sugar instead of white sugar because is less sweet, healthier and above all I prefer the taste. Serve it with a glass of Henriot rosé champagne, or a cup of coffee.

To drink: Rosé Henriot


Cook time: None

Prep time: 30min+ 12 hours in the fridge

Ingredients(for 4p):

2 eggs
250g of mascarpone
70gr of brown sugar
125gr of raspberries
Black coffee with grand marnier or rhum


1. Whisk eggs yolks with the sugar until pale, then whisk with the mascarpone until smooth.
2. Beat eggs white until foamy.
3. Fold the whites with the mascarpone mixure, delicately with a wood spoon.
4. Wet the speculoos with the coffee/grand marnier (or rhum) mixure.
5. Place on the bottom of a glass some speculoos, raspberries, and mascarpone mixure.
6. Finish with raspberries.

Enjoy delicatly…

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