The maroilles is a strong cheese you cannot eat with wine but beer, is named from the village it comes from. Its flavour is strong but its taste is delicate. Don’t take off the rind. You can use a ready-made puff pastry, or dough, so it will just take 15 mn to cook this starter. It could be a main course, serve it with a salad and a glass of beer.





To drink: Beer as Chimay, or Orval.

Difficulty: ****

Cook time: 10 min

Prep time: 5 min + 1hour


Ingredients for 4p:

1 egg
1 yolk
20cl single cream
50g butter
200g of flour
salt and pepper
baking powder
200g of maroilles cheese


1. Melt down the butter and beat the egg, then whisk them together.
2. Add the baking powder and the salt, stir.
3. Add little by little the flour since dough.
4. cover the dough and set aside 1hour at constant temperature the dough has to double size.
5. Mixe the yolk and the cream.
6. Put the maroilles cut in slides over the dough.
7. Add the blend of cream and yolk.
8. Add some pepper
9. Put in the oven th8, 240°C for 10min.

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