This is a very refreshing salad, the secret is to use a raspberry vinegar for the dressing, fresh ingredients indeed. The avocado has to be mature but not too, to test if it’s ok you can normally peel it just with your hand. The grapefruit has to be pink so a little bit sweet, and the prawn have to be big enough!! Enjoy with a glass of rosé, champagne or a glass of your favorite white wine, could be a sancerre, a muscadet or anything else dry and refreshing.




To drink:

Sauvignon blanc from New Zeland,
Billecart Salmon

Difficulty: ****

Cook Time: None

Prep Time:  30 min


16 king prawns
1 Grapefruit
1 Avocado
1 spoon raspberry vinegar
olive oil
salt and pepper


1. Put avocado cut in small slides.
2. Put the grapefruit cut without the pith, just use the pulp.
3. Put the king prawn decorticated.
4. The dressing is 3 spoons of olive oil, one big spoon of the raspberry vinegar, salt and pepper, that’s it…easy, isn’t it?


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