La mousse au chocolat (chocolate mouss): It’s very easy to do and believe me it’s healthy as well!! Serve with a glass of Banyuls , port, coffee, if you want to serve it with champagne be sure that the champagne is not to delicate, it has to be a powerful champagne as Bollinger, Billecart Salmon, or Georges Vesselle (my favorite in this case!). You can also use Milk chocolate, white chocolate, caramel chocolate, enjoy yourself…please don’t use any cream, butter just to keep your favorite chocolate taste!!



To drink: Coffee, coffee liquor, Banyuls, or port.


Cook time: None

Prep time: 45 min + 3 hours in the fridge



6 eggs separated
200g chocolate (black 70%, white, milk, caramel, choose your favorite…)
that’s it !!


1. Put the yolks into a roomy bowl and white in an other roomy bowl.
2. Break the chocolate into another roomy bowl set over a pan with a centimetre of barely swimming water Bain Marie). Melt down, and stir.
3. With a pinch of salt, wisk the whites to the soft peak (floppy) stage.
4. When the chocolate has melted and has been allowed to cool stir in the yolks.
5. Gently and slowlyfold the egg whites, a spoonfull at the time, into the chocolate. Stay zen, don’t be agressive, keep the volume of the eggs as much as possible.
6. Pour gently into the serving bowl or ramekins and put in the fridge for few hours.

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