Cahors, or Black wine is a small AOC from the Town of Cahors in the Lot department in the South west france region. Is made from Malbec, which is the local grapes also known as Côt or Auxerrois. The ground is very poor, with graves and piers. It’s a very sunny place. The Cadurcien vineyards is along the Lot river.


 The Cahors is made from Malbec (picture on the left), I think you know this grape, Argentinian wines made it famous. It is a very tannic and colourfull grape. It provides a wine  nearly black, very tannic when it is less than 3 years old and very smooth and well balanced when it is older. Cahors wine can be kept in the cellar for 4 to 8 years, sometimes 10 years.

The Malbec is a purple grape variety, is a thin-skinned grapes, that’s mean it needs more sun and heat than Cabernet Sauvignon. It can be used alone (very violet, dark wine) or be blended with merlot and tannat, usually the case with Cahors wine.

The vineyards in this area has been nearly totally destroyed by first the phylloxera in 1883_1885 and secondly by the frost in february 1956. It has been replanted with more Malbec and now

There are 4 050 ha of Cahors vineyards, it is a very small AOC compares with Bordeaux or Bourgogne. Cahors was awarded AOC status in 1971. It is a young guy!!

One of my favorite domain is Clos de Troteligotte they do integrated farming, they produce differents Cahors, my favorite one is Klys, pronouce câlice, you can find here  the origin of Klys :


Klys is made from 100% Malbec. It has a malolactique fermentation for 12 months in oaky barrels, it is in transition to be organic;

Aroma: Fruity, flowery and elegant. It smells Morello Cherry.

Palate: Powerfull and tannic

Matches: with lamb, game, cooked meats and also chocolate. It’s the perfect guest for a picnic.

Where can I find it?

Blanco and Gomez wine merchants, 410 King’s road, Chelsea, London,  SW10 0LJ



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