Do you like adventure? Do you want to know much more about wine? And much more about food? Come with us for a private food and wine tasting!!! Private tasting with déjeunons sur l’herbe is a supper with wine organized for groups of 10 to 16 people  either in a private venue or restaurant.

Beginning with a glass of prosecco, we will be seated around a well set table in a relaxed atmosphere:
-The serving of each wine is 7,5 cl (half a glass) this is how much we need to try both on its own and then with a specific course.
-The first step is to taste and discuss the wine.
-The second step is to enjoy it with food.
-There is from 3 to 5 courses per tasting and each course has its own wine.
-The conversation is about wine and people who make wine.
We will talk about:
-What is wine?
-How do we make white, red or rosé wines?
-What organic, biodynamic, natural wine means?
-About the “Terroir”, what does it mean?
– Old versus new world wines?
-How do we choose food to match with wine?
-What is the specificity of some grapes: pinot noir, shyraz, cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc…?

…and about any other questions you might have. You don’t need to be an expert, you just to need to enjoy adventure.

Themes can be around a specific:
-Region: languedoc roussillon, côte du rhône, italy, france, chilli…
-Grapes around the world: pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz…
– Way to make wine: organic, biodynamic, champagne or other AOC…
-Country from the old world wine with their “appelations”: France, spain, germany, italy, from IGP to AOC.

There are three different options for private tastings:
-3 courses/ 4 wines: 1 glass of prosecco, 2 wines and one champagne: £35/p
-5 courses (like sunday brunch)/5 wines: 4 wines and a glass of champagne: £55/p
-4 courses/4 champagne: 1 extra brut, 1 brut, 1 vintage, 1 rosé: £75/p
For other options please ask for further details.
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