Wine Tasting London | Official WSET Courses

Uncorked Your Senses

Uncorked your Senses

Wine Tasting London – Official WSET Courses

A Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary to celebrate ? Original and interesting, improve your knowledge about Wine, Wine making processes, Viticulture and the Wine History with a Food and Wine Tasting in London.

Your clients, team, prospects or partners are unique, and special and you need a special moment which take cares about them. I set up the best tailored Wine Tasting London to fit your company’s standards.

Official WSET Course provider for L1 and L2 Award in Wine and Spirits. The L1 is essential for working in restaurant or wine bar, L2 for connoisseurs who like to see clearer into the wineworld.

Discover the D-Vine and treat your clients with the French style of life. The D-Vine is the first connected sommelier, and it’s French indeed ! Who else could conceived a machine made to celebrate the French Terroir and Savoir-Faire ?
Exclusive ambassador in Uk I offer to your company unique packages including the D-Vine, the Wine and the Wine Tastings

Dear Stéphanie,
I would like to express my thanks to you for a great evening of food and wine! I always knew that La Mancha is a great place to wine and dine but I thought you did an exceptional job in making the evening so enjoyable: not only because of your deep knowledge of wine but also because you were able to bring people together in such a relaxed way.

Robert White



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